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I have always wanted to be a healer.


Whether via laughter or your body, I have always encouraged others to feel connected to their emotions and bodies. Every single human has their own brilliant spark, and with practice (and a healthy sense of humor) we can work together to bring it to light. You might be surprised at how much different the world looks when you're upside-down.

Over the past 7 years I have been fortunate enough to teach for Equinox, Playlist Yoga, The Green Yogi, Yoga Salt, Alo Yoga, various celebrities... and I have loved each moment of the ride.


Leading events for Coachella, Breast Cancer Awareness & Mental Health Awareness, the goal has always been to spread joy and self- love to everyone I come into contact with.


This is my mission and I hope you join me :)


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500+ Hour RYT Certification with Yoga Alliance (YA)

Inversion Workshops: Hips & Headstands - Breast Cancer Awareness @ Bloomingdales

Equinox Corporate Classes

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